Projects: Vehicle Related:


Heavy Equipment Repair Building (Santa Rita Facility, Dublin, CA)

New Facility: Heavy truck/tractor repair & servicing facility. HVAC and exhaust systems. Special and process piping systems including; lubrication/ motor oil, hydraulic/ differential/ transmission fluid, chassis grease (4,000 psi), trade waste with double containment piping/underground holding tanks and compressed air piping systems.

Convenience/ Gas Station (Fremont, Hayward, San Francisco, Union City, CA)

New and Remodeled Facilities: Design of the HVAC and exhaust air systems for the convenience stores and the vehicle repair areas. Design of the plumbing and piping for the domestic and process waste systems, including the use of sand and oil separators.

Lexus / Jaguar Dealership (San Rafael, CA)

New Facility: Repair facility for passenger vehicles. Natural gas radiant unit heaters for comfort heating. Process piping including compressed air, motor oil and transmission fluid.

San Ramon Car Wash (San Ramon, CA)

New facility. Car wash equipment and design provided by a consultant. Design of plumbing and piping hook-up by our office, including waste system with oil and san separator and water reclamation system. HVAC design for sales/display area.

Small Vehicle Repair Building (Santa Rita Facility, Dublin, CA)

HVAC Systems Upgrade: Modifications to existing repair facility. Addition of low level exhaust system/ carbon monoxide detectors; process piping.