Projects: Office:

Airborne Express (Dublin, CA)

Renovation and expansion of existing offices with rooftop package air conditioning units. Renovation of warehouse for use in loading of delivery vehicles. Addition of high and low exhaust air system. Renovation and expansion of plumbing and piping services.

Applied Signal Technology (Sunnyvale, CA)

New Complex: New sixty thousand square foot, two story facility for electronic laboratory and administrative purposes. HVAC system consisting of two central air handlers and dual duct variable air volume system. Compressed air and vacuum process piping. Plumbing/piping for domestic services.

Harper Group (Brisbane, CA)

Renovation and expansion of existing offices from eight to twenty thousand square feet. Warehouse and support areas of eighty thousand square feet. Rooftop package air conditioning units with variable volume system. Renovation and expansion of plumbing and piping services.

Mervyn's Corporate Headquarters (Hayward and Riverside, CA)

New Office Area: Riverside, CA; Modifications of unimproved area into offices. HVAC, plumbing/piping.

Computer Room: Hayward, CA; Modification of office area into computer rooms. HVAC, plumbing/piping.

Morgan Building (Oakland, CA)

HVAC Upgrade: Renovation and upgrade of HVAC systems for all five floors. Complete upgrade of HVAC and exhaust air systems and related piping systems.

Sun Chemical Corporation (San Leandro, CA)

Upgrade of two story office HVAC/exhaust air systems. New positively pressurized system to prevent fumes from adjoining manufacturing areas migrating into the office areas. Modifications to manufacturing area process exhaust air duct systems.

Sherriff's Academy (Santa Rita Facility, Dublin, CA)

Academy Expansion: Renovation of existing building, addition of new wing. Complete new HVAC and exhaust air systems. Complete remodel and addition to the plumbing and piping systems.

Munitions Building: New munitions building, for storage and maintenance of weapons, explosives, and gunpowder. Training room for introduction of MACE and various other chemicals. HVAC and exhaust systems, plumbing and piping.

UCB Surge Project (University of California, Berkeley, CA)

Office and Lecture Hall Addition: Addition of four single story buildings to the campus. Five year, 40,000 square foot temporary facility during seismic upgrade of adjacent building structures. Designed complete HVAC and exhaust air systems for two office buildings, one classroom building, and one lecture hall/ classroom building.