Projects: Industrial/Manufacturing:


Airco Corporation (Doolittle Street, San Leandro, CA)

Cylinder Filling Area: Addition of low level exhaust and modifications to HVAC system.

Chemical Storage Area: Addition of new drum storage area. Exhaust air system, double containment piping.

F.M.C. Ordnance Facility (San Jose, CA)

Paint Booth: New paint booth for personnel carrier hull painting. Supply air make-up and exhaust air systems, with air filtration of intake and discharge air streams.

Paint Oven: New paint oven for personnel carrier hull drying. High temperature supply and exhaust air systems. Additional modifications to existing building ventilation system.

Carbomastic Platform: Addition of new exhaust and supply air circulation systems for an existing platform to be modified for use in application of the carbomastic and non-skid exhaust air system.

Freeport, Indonesia Mining Division (Freeport, Indonesia)

Ore Sampling Laboratory: New high altitude facility for testing and analysis of ore samples. HVAC and exhaust air systems for Fume, Chemical, and standard exhaust air hoods. Complete plumbing and piping systems.

NUMMI (New United Motors, Mfg, Inc.) (Fremont, CA)

Vehicle Accumulation: New building for vehicle accumulation, repair and storage. Ventilation and exhaust systems, compressed air and process piping.

Car Paint Shop: Modifications to existing HVAC and process piping systems. New exhaust air system with air scrubbers, high efficiency bag and carbon filters.

Truck Paint Shop: Modifications to existing HVAC and process piping systems, including; trade Waste, compressed air, welder water, natural gas, and solvents.

Deionized Water System: New Deionized Water System including all pipe routing/sizing, and equipment selection. 240 GPM Capacity.

Perin Repair Shop: Complete repair facility for maintenance and repair of specialized vehicles used on site. HVAC, welding exhaust hoods, plumbing and process piping.

C-Cab Expansion: Complete new vehicle sub-assembly area for pick-up truck bodies. HVAC, plumbing and process piping.

285 - T, Phase I: Complete new vehicle sub-assembly area for pick-up truck bodies. HVAC and exhaust air systems. Expansion of process piping systems, including: robotic water cooling lines, low and high pressure compressed air, argon, oxygen and acetylene gas piping.

Pacific Bell Telephone (Hayward, CA)

Turbine Facility: Addition of a third Standby Turbine for emergency usage in case of a city power failure. New supply and forced combustion air system, high temperature exhaust system.

Westinghouse (Vallejo, CA)

New Building: New high security building for storage, distribution and repair of specialized products. HVAC, exhaust system, process and plumbing piping.

Beasley Building: Complete renovation of an existing high security building used for repair, testing and storage of specialized products.

Hydrostatic Test Facility: Westinghouse Project for Mare Island Naval Station, testing facility. New HVAC and exhaust air systems. New high pressure/ high velocity water system including testing tank.