Projects: Health Community:


Children's Hospital Medical Facility (Oakland, CA)

Third floor HVAC Upgrade: Survey, evaluation and design revisions to the existing HVAC and exhaust air systems. Provided recommendations for complete system upgrade with additional capacity.

Fifth Floor Upgrade: Replacement of air handling unit with new unit with additional capacity. Revisions to duct distribution supply and exhaust air systems.

Diablo Valley Youth Facility (Clayton, CA)

New Facility: For youth housing and counseling. Complete design of HVAC and exhaust, and plumbing/ piping systems. Building waste system with leach field.

Fairfield Community Senior Center (Fairfield, CA)

New Building Addition: New art studio and wood shop building addition to the existing facility.

Newark Community Senior Center (Newark, CA)

Renovation and Expansion: Renovation of the HVAC and plumbing/ piping systems. Addition of new wing with HVAC and plumbing system. New kitchen facility. Addition of a kiln system for the art department.

Oddfellow-Rebekah Youth Center (Gilroy, CA)

Phase I: Cottage 1 and 2 addition. HVAC, plumbing/piping.

Phase II: Cottage 3 and 4 addition. HVAC, plumbing/piping. Building expansion for yard storage, maintenance shop, additional classroom/specialized usage area. HVAC, exhaust air system, kitchen hoods, plumbing/piping.